Banded Educator Panel: Educators Helping Educators Week 2

We hope you found the viewpoints presented last week by our panel educators to be helpful. If you are taking your first look this week, welcome! In an effort to provide some additional tools to aid in your success, we have posed questions to educators from across the country; each with different experiences, focuses, and student demographics. We will post new questions and responses each week, so continue to check back. […]


Banded Educator Panel: Educators helping Educators Week 1

Welcome to the start of a new school year! Beginnings always bring excitement and opportunity. If you are a new music educator or are about to embark on your student teaching assignment, you may be filled with anticipation and a few questions about what the experience will have in store. In an effort to provide some additional tools to aid in your success, we have posed questions to educators from […]



FREE Players Drum Corps 2015 WGI Regionals--They Epitomize "BANDED"

These percussionists and guard members epitomize the “Banded concept.” Together they go further.  They have performed at the 2014 WGI finals, and at two WGI regionals this past season. The FREE Players Drum Corps was developed at FREE’s Day Program in Old Bethpage (Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc.). Founded in 1977, FREE benefits and proudly supports more than 3,500 individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental illness and traumatic brain injury. The […]



Andrew Dost is BANDED!!

Andrew Dost, founding member of the band FUN., share what being involved in music has done for him.



Dana Murray from Dojo Percussion is BANDED!

Dana Murray from Dojo Percussion shares how drumming can alter a person’s approach to life!



Christopher Foster--Armed Forces Percussion Player

Christopher, who plays percussion in our Armed Forces, speaks of when he first knew the drums were a part of him.