Mary Jean--Iowa Bandmasters Educator

Mary Jean discusses her beginnings in music, what brought her to the trumpet, and why she enjoys teaching young musicians.



Mark--The University of North Dakota

Mark from the University of North Dakota speaks of the reasons being a professional trumpet player was the ONLY thing that made sense to him. He speaks of his start in music and what inspired him to continue.



Kim, Product and Education Coordinator for Warburton

Kim, the Product and Education Coordinator for Warburton, speaks of her love for music.  She tells of how her musical journey started with the violin, but always led her back to her love of the trumpet.



Mike--Eastman School of Music

Mike talks about his musical beginnings in Houston, TX.  From his first horn to the decision to audition for Eastman, Mike has learned skills that will carry with him throughout his life.



Buddy Deshler--University of Miami

Buddy shares his story of how his sister got him into music and how being around music and musicians “is contagious”.  It has propelled him from 6th grade band to the National Trumpet Competition.



Evan, trumpet performance major--University of North Dakota

Evan shares his story that starts in church choir, detours when his mother made him choose between the trumpet or violin