Motivating your Band Students to Practice

Let’s face it, getting good grades can effectively motivate some students to practice, but many students, especially those at the secondary level, are more highly motivated through peer and social interactions.  A systematic, well-administered challenge system for chair order can prove effective in increasing practice time among these students. Specifics to suit your particular situation are in order, but I found few simple rules that helped my chair challenges:   1) The […]


Students Not Playing Their Instrument in Class?

  As a band director, I am sure you are aware that sometimes students don’t play their instrument in band class.   There can be a myriad of reasons for this: 1) they forget to bring their instrument, 2) they are too ill to play, 3) they don’t have a good reed, 4) their lips are too chapped, 5) their instrument needs repair, etc. At times, it can feel as […]