Retaining Low Brass Students

All musicians love the feeling of improving. That basic motivator and retainer of music students may elude low brass players for lack of challenging repertoire during their formative years in band programs. Here are some ideas to include low brass players in the challenges that make players improve when their parts are too easy to be that challenge :   -Buying classic étude books for all the instruments and catalogue […]


Breathing for young low brass players

Awareness is the most important first level of breath training for young brass players. There needs to be a team meeting at the beginning of low brass class to introduce them to the new world we will live in. Both breathing health and development of airflow mastery are two EARLY goals for them to become life long practitioners of both. A large investment in this very basic area of playing will change […]


Training Young Low Brass Players... Ear Development

It takes a three-part approach when training low brass players to be contributing members of any ensemble. These activities should be developed simultaneously, as each activity opens the doorway to improvements in the other two areas. This is truly an integrated system, not a sequential one. The improvement of one ingredient will not amount to success until the others are improved. There is no importance to the order in which […]


Recruiting approaches for low brass players

  I remember walking into the band room when I was 11 years old and meeting my great middle school band director, Mr. Charles Foster. His talk that day changed the course of my life. I am able to recall it now because of reconnecting with this great teacher before he passed away recently. In the course of explaining the great things that happen when you take band as a […]