Welcome to a new school year; another year to share the gift of music.  If this is your first year teaching, congratulations, and thank you for committing yourself to a profession that is so important in the development of the next generation.  We have compiled some items that we hope will help you along this journey.  Please share with any educator that you feel could benefit from them.


Be Part of the Bandhttp://bepartoftheband.com/

A compilation of recruitment materials to aid in attracting more students towards instrumental music.  This program includes: informational demo videos of most band instruments, & downloadable documents that you can customize for your specific program.


A Beginning of the Year Welcome Letter to New Music Parents: http://getbanded.com/a-beginning-of-year-welcome-letter-to-new-music-parents/

A fantastic letter to give to the parents of your new music students.  This helps give them an idea of the importance of the endeavor, information on what to expect, and tools to help them work with you to give their student the best chance at success.


Student Motivation and Developing the Band culture:  http://getbanded.com/student-motivation-and-developing-the-band-culture/

This article will give you tips on how to motivate your students and create the type of culture you want in your program.


3 Things Parents Must Tell Their Children When They Begin a Musical Instrument: http://getbanded.com/3-things-parents-must-tell-their-children-when-they-begin-a-musical-instrument/

More ideas to help parents motivate their children to succeed on their new instrument.  By getting your student’s parents on the same page, retaining interest in their musical instrument becomes less daunting.


Best of luck in your new school year.  We hope these resources will help make your school year a successful one.






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