Where It All Began with Andrew Dost Fun

Andrew Dost from the band “Fun” shares his “Banded” story about his journey in learning music and being in the band.  



Emily Swanson's Banded Video, Drum Major All American Marching Band

Emily Swanson, Drum Major of the All American Marching Band shares her story of what music and being in the band has done for her.



Ryan Olrich--Alliance Drum and Bugle Corps

Ryan Olrich, senior at Georgia Southern University, tells of where music has taken him throughout his life and where he wants go.



Kyle Dupont- Alliance Drum and Bugle Corps

Kyle Dupont, Sophomore at Georgia State University, tells his story of growing up musical.



Paying it Forward, Teaching the Future

Cliff Bialkin talks of his start in music and how he shares those experiences with the next generation of musicians.



Always Drawn to the Trumpet

Jose Sibaja, from the Boston Brass, speaks on his early beginnings playing the trumpet and how it has shaped the musician he has grown to be.