The Music Within

I started playing the piano at age 5 but never really got hooked on it. The perfectionist in me could never live up to the prodigy that was my brother, whose lesson I directly followed. But I still knew that music was not just something that I just listened to; I knew I had to fully immerse myself in it. When I was 8, my mother took me to see […]


Bringing the Family Together--Laura's Story

I was born in Houston, TX and lived there for the first 13 years of my life.  As everyone knows, football is very big in Texas.  And marching bands that perform at halftime are almost as big.  I had two older brother in high school that played percussion and tuba/sousaphone in the high school band.  During football season, preparing to attend the Friday night football games became a real family […]


Jazz Player from the Start

I started playing jazz at Tappan Junior High School in Ann Arbor, MI, and it was something I really enjoyed from the beginning. I had a great teacher named Sandy Maconochie who worked hard to expose us to all of the great music of the past. Because of her, I was listening to Coltrane, Monk, etc… right from the start. I also had a great sax teacher during this time […]



Banded Story--WGI 2014 Orange County Independent

This Bass Drummer shares her emotional story about her journey to be able to march with Orange County and the family she found because of it.



Banded Story--WGI 2014 NorthCoast Academy

They went in the group musicians; they came out brothers. This group epitomizes family.



Banded Story--WGI 2014 Imperial

A percussionist from the Imperial tells how each member makes the others better. Together they are unstoppable.