St. Cloud State University Professor of Percussion Studies

Dr. Terry Vermillion sends a “shout out” to his mentor and teacher ex-Army Sargent, Fred Nelson, as his inspiration to become a Music Educator.



University of Minnesota Graduate Matt Cushy

University of Minnesota graduate Matt Cushy talks about how music has always been all he has ever known.



The Reasoning Behind a Decision to Major in Music

  Bradley describes why he decided to pursue a career in Music Education and what he hopes to accomplish.


My Journey Toward Becoming a Music Educator

Lester G. Silva, Jr. He was the premier band director at Dorothy L. Beckwith Middle School remaining with the school district until his retirement 39 years later. What a wonderful man! He possessed a wonderfully kind, friendly and inviting personality, demonstrated great patience, and brought great enthusiasm to the classroom. He made learning about music fun, and was the kind of teacher you could talk to about anything. His classroom […]



Paying it Forward, Teaching the Future

Cliff Bialkin talks of his start in music and how he shares those experiences with the next generation of musicians.



Always Drawn to the Trumpet

Jose Sibaja, from the Boston Brass, speaks on his early beginnings playing the trumpet and how it has shaped the musician he has grown to be.