Why the First 2 Months of Being a Music Parent are the Most Important

I often observe that many parents hold some age-old assumption that musical talent is God-given or inherited, but let’s be clear:  everyone possesses musical talent to some degree.  I believe the high attrition rate of students between the first and second year of musical instrument study in school music programs is partly due to parents who are unsure of how to help their child develop their talents. Regarding these beginner students who only have one lesson per week […]


Developing a Practice Routine: Do You Want to Be Good or An Expert?

As we saw in Part 2, deliberate practice means nothing more than to practice with purpose and a specific direction. This term and area of research was pioneered by researcher K. Anders Ericsson and was the first major change-up in common thought regarding what develops skills to world class status. Ericsson also concluded through years of observation of world class performers, artisans, musicians and chess masters that 10,000 hours of deliberate […]


Developing A Practice Routine: Do Practice Time Lengths Matter?

For musicians, practice is a must. Learning music is a skill and, like any skill, it needs to be developed properly. However, practice doesn’t need to be difficult and it doesn’t need to be something to moan and groan over! Are long practices a bad thing? Not necessarily. A student who is motivated to put in additional practice and hone their craft should be encouraged. But teachers must bear in […]



FREE Players Drum Corps 2015 WGI Regionals--They Epitomize "BANDED"

These percussionists and guard members epitomize the “Banded concept.” Together they go further.  They have performed at the 2014 WGI finals, and at two WGI regionals this past season. The FREE Players Drum Corps was developed at FREE’s Day Program in Old Bethpage (Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc.). Founded in 1977, FREE benefits and proudly supports more than 3,500 individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental illness and traumatic brain injury. The […]



Andrew Dost is BANDED!!

Andrew Dost, founding member of the band FUN., share what being involved in music has done for him.



Tip of the Week, Music Practice Coach: Lance Laduke

  Lance is on a mission to learn to play a variety of new instruments.  His comical commentary while taking his lessons, and practicing can help anyone see that learning a new instrument is fun.  Anyone can and should push themselves to try a new instrument.  If you like this, subscribe to his youtube channel & check out his book, The Music Practice Coach. In the first installment of Lance Learns to Play […]