"Mine" Matrix 2015 Proposal

Member of Matrix Percussion proposing to his girlfriend during Matrix’s show at WGI Finals in Dayton, Ohio. Those that are in music together are “Banded” Together forever!  



Anthony Mazzocchi--Montclair State University

Tony Mazzocchi discusses how he “stumbled” on becoming an educator and the impact it has had on his passion of getting more kids involved in music



Abby--Messiah College

Abby, a human development major at Messiah College, discusses her views on how music plays a role in developing character and expresses personality.



Emily--Messiah College

Emily discusses how she uses music as a “de-stresser” from the rigors of her Biology major!


3 Things Parents Must Tell Their Children When They Begin a Musical Instrument

Hopefully your child will begin a musical instrument through their school music program.  If so, when they bring home their instrument for the first time, it is more than just an exciting day… …It is an opportunity… …Perhaps one of the greatest opportunities in your child’s life thus far. If you are like me, you want your kid(s) to complete their K-12 education with far more than factual knowledge and an ability […]