Lance LaDuke Tip of the Week: Week 5

Knowing where you are going is only part of the story. What’s your plan for getting there? If you find this useful, share with another musician!



Lance LaDuke: Music Practice Coach Tip of the Week, Week 4

Sometimes, the most important thing you bring with you is positivity. Be dialed in. Be positive. Be present.



Lance LaDuke: Music Practice Coach Tip of the Week, Week 3

In this video, Lance gives advice on how to overcome obstacles that come up in practicing and performing.  Check it out!



Lance LaDuke: Music Practice Coach Tip of the Week: Week 2

Lance has a comical way to share some great lessons on how to get the most from your practice time.  Check this out.



Tip of the Week, Music Practice Coach: Lance Laduke

  Lance is on a mission to learn to play a variety of new instruments.  His comical commentary while taking his lessons, and practicing can help anyone see that learning a new instrument is fun.  Anyone can and should push themselves to try a new instrument.  If you like this, subscribe to his youtube channel & check out his book, The Music Practice Coach. In the first installment of Lance Learns to Play […]


Lance LaDuke – The making of a Quintet Euphonium Player

I first experienced quintet playing when I was in a tuba/euphonium quartet in high school. I didn’t do all that much in college, mostly tuba quartets. Once I got into the Air Force Band, I ended up playing a lot of chamber music. We had a tuba/euphonium quartet (with Don Nauman, Gil Corella and Dave Porter) that rehearsed and performed regularly. We even took a couple short tours. The most […]