Music Practice Coach Fit Tips: Fear

FIT TIP: FEAR (Don’t be afraid, it’s only a word) These exercises can take you out of your comfort zone and force you to face your fears. Three of the most common fears are fear of failure, fear of success and fear of the unknown (insert your own favorite spooky sound effect here). FEAR OF FAILURE The fear of failure is tied to fears that others will laugh at you […]


Music Practice Coach Fit Tip: Listening

FIT TIP: LISTENING Having musical role models is important for every musician. They got us interested in music in the first place and can be a constant source of inspiration and motivation when we lose our way or get frustrated. We learn about tone, phrasing, melody and emotion by listening to our heroes.  Listen not only for enjoyment, but to learn how and why an artist makes you feel what […]


Physical Chops

Professional musicians use the term “chops” as a general word describing their physical and/or musical abilities. It’s a good, all purpose word, so you’ll see it throughout this section.  Physical chops are similar to conditioning and strength building exercises athletes use to prepare themselves for their sport. For musicians, they include such things as tone quality, dynamic range, pitch range, flexibility, articulation speed, stick techniques, etc. Basically, any of the […]


Music Practice Coach Fit Tip: Learning Styles

FIT TIP: LEARNING STYLES We each have a unique style of learning. If you spend some time figuring out how you learn, you can set up your practice sessions for greater success and less frustration. In very general terms, we use aural, visual, kinesthetic methods to learn new skills. Let’s explore each of them. Aural learners, pick things up more readily by ear. They can imitate a good tone or […]