Why Students Don’t Like School (and How Music Instruction Changes That)

We have learned more about how the brain works in the last decade than ever before. Even with all the new knowledge we have about how children learn, our schools have been slow to adapt accordingly.  In my time as a teacher and administrator, I have often been amused to see school leaders and academic teachers scrambling to adjust their delivery of instruction to match what music teachers have been doing […]


Music Education’s Role in a Culture of “College Preparedness”

While the United States used to pride itself on the percentage of its young people who successfully passed through the higher education system, things have changed drastically over the last decade.  Now, education policymakers are focusing all their energies and monies on preparing K-12 students for “college readiness” — and the best way they can come up with a quantifiable way to assess “readiness” is… …wait for it… …more high […]


The Music Coalition: More Than Fund-Raising

  There are four primary components to successful music advocacy. A comprehensive Music Coalition A unified body of Music Educators Detailed knowledge of the function and process of decision-making in the local school district Collection and interpretation of the right data for making proposals The most important of the four elements is the comprehensive Music Coalition. Unfortunately, most of these organizations are structured only as a band-boosters fund-raising body; but […]