3 Things Parents Must Tell Their Children When They Begin a Musical Instrument

Hopefully your child will begin a musical instrument through their school music program.  If so, when they bring home their instrument for the first time, it is more than just an exciting day… …It is an opportunity… …Perhaps one of the greatest opportunities in your child’s life thus far. If you are like me, you want your kid(s) to complete their K-12 education with far more than factual knowledge and an ability […]


Recruiting approaches for low brass players

  I remember walking into the band room when I was 11 years old and meeting my great middle school band director, Mr. Charles Foster. His talk that day changed the course of my life. I am able to recall it now because of reconnecting with this great teacher before he passed away recently. In the course of explaining the great things that happen when you take band as a […]


Student Recruitment and Evaluation

How did you come to have the band you currently have? That is a question we sometimes overlook in the process of trying to build a band program, but it shouldn’t be. Other than the band director’s ability to teach children, recruiting is probably the most important aspect of building and maintaining a band program. If the band you currently lead is not the band you hope to have, there […]