FREE Players Drum Corps 2015 WGI Regionals--They Epitomize "BANDED"

These percussionists and guard members epitomize the “Banded concept.” Together they go further.  They have performed at the 2014 WGI finals, and at two WGI regionals this past season. The FREE Players Drum Corps was developed at FREE’s Day Program in Old Bethpage (Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc.). Founded in 1977, FREE benefits and proudly supports more than 3,500 individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental illness and traumatic brain injury. The […]



Mark--The University of North Dakota

Mark from the University of North Dakota speaks of the reasons being a professional trumpet player was the ONLY thing that made sense to him. He speaks of his start in music and what inspired him to continue.



Mike--Eastman School of Music

Mike talks about his musical beginnings in Houston, TX.  From his first horn to the decision to audition for Eastman, Mike has learned skills that will carry with him throughout his life.



Buddy Deshler--University of Miami

Buddy shares his story of how his sister got him into music and how being around music and musicians “is contagious”.  It has propelled him from 6th grade band to the National Trumpet Competition.



Evan, trumpet performance major--University of North Dakota

Evan shares his story that starts in church choir, detours when his mother made him choose between the trumpet or violin



Sam Exline--University of Miami Trumpet Major

Sam’s explanation how he got interested in the trumpet by watching the Rugrats and how it translated into him becoming a music major.