Brittany (Messiah College)--Journey to becoming a Music Education Major

Brittany discusses her journey to becoming a music education major and why it is important to share her love of music with the next generation.



"Mine" Matrix 2015 Proposal

Member of Matrix Percussion proposing to his girlfriend during Matrix’s show at WGI Finals in Dayton, Ohio. Those that are in music together are “Banded” Together forever!  



Abby--Messiah College

Abby, a human development major at Messiah College, discusses her views on how music plays a role in developing character and expresses personality.



Emily--Messiah College

Emily discusses how she uses music as a “de-stresser” from the rigors of her Biology major!



James Worthy--Albany State University

James Worthy, a music education major,  describes why he got into music and what made him stay!



Emily Swanson's Banded Video, Drum Major All American Marching Band

Emily Swanson, Drum Major of the All American Marching Band shares her story of what music and being in the band has done for her.