Amy Hardison Tully

I knew I wanted to be a musician for as long as I remember. I loved school band and orchestra and I loved learning new music for flute with my private teachers. When it was time to apply for college, music was all I wanted to do! I even enjoyed the academic side of music with music history and theory. But when it comes to performing, that’s the best! I […]



Andrew Dost is BANDED!!

Andrew Dost, founding member of the band FUN., share what being involved in music has done for him.



GM Kuzma from the Blue Knights Drum Corps

GM talks about how he got into music, what it has done for him, and how making music has helped him through tough times, especially during his Active Duty tour in Iraq.



Where It All Began with Aubrey Logan

The “Banded” story of Aubrey  Logan.  She speaks on how she began playing the trombone as well as reasons it is good to be involved in music.



Where It All Began with Andrew Dost Fun

Andrew Dost from the band “Fun” shares his “Banded” story about his journey in learning music and being in the band.  


The Music Within

I started playing the piano at age 5 but never really got hooked on it. The perfectionist in me could never live up to the prodigy that was my brother, whose lesson I directly followed. But I still knew that music was not just something that I just listened to; I knew I had to fully immerse myself in it. When I was 8, my mother took me to see […]