Music taught me about the world

Becoming banded was never a choice for me.  Music has always surrounded me; it’s been a part of me as long as I can remember.  Music taught me about the world, and probably more importantly, how to express myself to the world.  No matter what mood I am in, music can express, explain, and help me focus what I’m feeling. A career in music was probably always in the cards for […]


The Beat Goes On

Singing was my first musical love, and piano playing soon followed.  It was only natural for me to join both band & chorus in 5th grade. My small school had an enthusiastic music director, and his encouragement kept me in marching, concert, & jazz/pep band through high school. I didn’t originally plan to play music at EIU, but after I got some info on the marching band, I thought, what the […]